The Republic of Rwanda, Republic of Burundi and the United Republic of Tanzania have collectively decided to construct a new railway line from Isaka to Kigali and from Keza to Musongati via Gitega in Burundi; and to upgrade the existing railway line from Dar es Salaam (DSM) to Isaka.  The existing Tanzanian railway line connects DSM with Isaka (970 km), and the new railway line would connect Isaka with Kigali (494 km) and Keza with Musongati (197 km).

The primary objective of the railway is to reduce transport costs and enhance economic development by:

  • Improving connection of landlocked countries (particularly Rwanda, Burundi and DRC) to the world economy; and
  • Providing improved reliability for rail transport over Central Line in Tanzania

The new standard gauge line will begin the transformation in Tanzania from the old meter gauge railway. The railway line will help unlock the vast mineral resources in the hinterland and promote lower transport costs. This webpage provides additional information on the countries involved and additional transaction details.

Proposed Dar-Isaka-Keza-Kigali-Musongati Railway

Proposed Dar-Isaka-Keza-Kigali-Musongati Railway (Source: Feasibility Study, Canarail/GIBB, 2012)

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